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45 Creative Blog Post Ideas for Your Next Guest Post

Building your authority in your niche involves more than being in your blog sphere. If you want other people in your niche to recognize you as an authority, you need to spread your expertise beyond your own website.

And one of the best ways to do this is guest blogging.

In a nutshell, guest blogging is like being on a talk show. You talk about a particular topic, and share your insights and expertise to a new audience that matches your target readers/audience.

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When done right, guest blogging can bring you a line of opportunities and benefits, such as:

  • Advantage of leveraging the high and steady traffic of the website/blog you'll be submitting your post to
  • More potential readers will discover you and your expertise, which could lead them to visit your website, discover more of your work, and follow you for future niche-related updates
  • More opportunity to help people solve the problems they have in relation with your niche

If you're up-and-ready to take on the idea of guest blogging, here are 45 guest blogging ideas you can pitch to guest blogging opportunities. These are generalized, so feel free to match the ideas with something specific to your niche!

And don’t forget to bookmark this page so you can go back to this list anytime, anywhere.

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#1: A resource list of websites, references, or articles.

People are so busy with their lives that they find it tedious to visit all articles in Google's search results.

But there are still readers who want to read articles and visit websites and save them for reference in case they encounter the situation again.

In this case, a list blog post of related articles, references, studies, and websites would be ideal. In the post, you'll include the link to the resources and include a brief summary of what the reference's all about.

#2: 10 articles or blog posts that would help your readers this year

Talk about something that's commonly known among your niche, and talk about the pros and cons of using this for whatever purposes.

For example, Facebook marketing for small businesses. You can talk about how businesses can benefit from the large population of Facebook users, its geographic and audience targeting features, and more.

Then, discuss the cons of this strategy. Since Facebook is a common platform used by businesses nowadays, it may be hard to stand among the competition, especially if you're a newly established business. Or that it's harder to gain information about your audience with Facebook's ever-improving privacy policy.

In short, you'll give readers both sides of the story of this particular thing in your niche, so that readers can build realistic expectations for it.

#3: Book recommendations

A lot of people still rely on books as their go-to foundation of knowledge.

Do you want to learn about marketing? There's a book for that.

Do you want to learn the latest design innovations in architecture? There are plenty of instructional books out there.

And you've probably read a few books or so when you're just starting out to venture on your niche.

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So share these helpful books to your readers. Provide a synopsis of the book, and why it's the perfect book to read if you're jumping in this niche or if you want to solve a niche-specific problem they have.

#4: List of new and nifty tools, application, or software.

If your niche is somehow on the business side, like marketing, or any niche that relies heavily on technology, this is ideal for your next guest post.

This blog post will be an ultimate list of your suggested tools or software to help your readers overcome their niche-specific problems. You'll discuss the features of those tools/software, and what makes them ideal for your readers.

word image 5

For example, you could create a list of email software for small business' email marketing needs, where you'll talk about the features, advantages and disadvantages, and the best email software for every type of businesses.

#5: A list of case studies on how other achievers in your industry achieved their own success.

You could also share success stories by other achievers in your industry. Interview individuals who have achieved the same success as yours - what did they do to begin their career in this industry, what results/goals did they achieve, and more. Then, compile their answers in a blog post-type.

This is also a good way to establish connections with other names in your industry!

#6: A collection of statistics that may prove crucially useful for your audience

Perhaps your potential readers are looking for statistics to include as bases on their researches. Or they just want to keep tab of the trend in your industry, statistically speaking.

Whatever the case is, it's a good idea to curate industry-related statistics around the net or conduct your own research and obtain results for yourself, then turn it into a blog post.

You could also create infographics including these numbers so readers can remember these statistics better. And visually appealing to view too!

#7: 10 common mistakes beginners make when venturing into your industry

It's a good idea to warn readers of the possible mistakes that could happen to a beginner in your industry so they could avoid it in the future.

word image 7

Reminisce with your startup days. What were the mistakes you encountered before? What certain things or decisions could've been prevented to avoid the hassles you've encountered?

Explain each mistake/situations. How could these mistakes affect their journey in your industry? How can readers prevent themselves from doing the same mistakes you've had?

#8: 10 things you wish you knew before you started your niche.

When you were starting out, you were probably clueless and overwhelmed with the lack of guidance in starting with your industry.

What do I need to do to get started? What investments do I need to make? What challenges can I expect to face in this industry?

So help out an aspirant in need. Write a blog post that talks about the basics of venturing into your niche. What were your realizations while figuring things out yourself?

For example, say you're in the freelance writing niche. You can craft a blog post that talks about:

  • Expectations in starting out as a freelancer
  • The difference between being a freelance writer and a writer for a company/agency
  • The things/steps you need to do/have to get your first client

#9: Must-have skills should the reader decide to venture into your industry.

For example, what skills should an aspiring digital illustrator have to make a name in the illustration/digital art niche? List them down, and explain how each skill can contribute to being a good digital illustrator.

#10: A brief throwback to how your industry started or the state of your industry during its founding years.

We're all about the latest trends in our preferred niche, but sometimes, it's also good to look back to how things were before the glory days. You never know. You may find a good idea just by revisiting the past.

In this blog post, you'll talk about how your niche started out. Who were the prominent contributors to the foundation of this niche? How do people in your niche do things before? What were the struggles people faced before, and how do they come up with a solution?

Basically, it's some sort of storytelling, a progressive narrative that lets newcomers get an idea of how things started with your niche.

#11: A Beginner's Starter Kit list for those looking to jump into your industry.

You know those stuff on social media about [something] starter kit? You can create your own version of that, except yours is in blog form.

For example, you're in the landscape photography niche, and you want to educate people on how to begin landscape photography. One of the best ideas to do so is to educate them on the equipment, tools, and apps for landscape photography.

Or in short, what items/equipment should be in a beginner landscape photographer's bag so he/she can take the best shots of scenic landscapes?

#12: How to make your first $1,000 from your passion or hobby in just X months, or how to get your first client.

If your niche is somehow related to doing business, this guest blog post idea is perfect for you!

In this blog post, you'll discuss the best ways for someone in your niche to earn their dollars.

For example, how to earn $1000 from being a mom blogger in just 1 month. You'll discuss here some blogging tips that can help moms earn some income, maybe through affiliate marketing, ads or other marketing stuff.

You can also discuss how to manage and create content for their blogs without leaving their mommy duties behind.

Additionally, you could also warn then on mistakes or red flags to avoid with blogging, like not responding to comments and questions in your blog post.

#13: An explanatory post about a certain question in your niche.

You can take a question from your FAQ post, then revolve your guest blog post around that. Or you could ask your followers or peers for any questions they might have about your niche.

word image 13

When choosing a question to discuss, it's best to choose something you can really discuss deeply. Of course, the questions answered by a simple yes or no are already excluded from the options.

Also, here's a tip: If you want the blog post to be shared on social media sites more, use the question as the title, or include it in there. According to a study, question headlines garner an increase of 23.3% in terms of social shares.

#14: What to expect when doing something related to your niche for the first time.

This blog post is a #relatable one. You'll just list the common struggles beginners have in your niche, and expand on each struggle.

It's perfect because (1) people beginning to venture in your niche will get a glimpse on the realistic side of your niche, and (2) it serves as a little throwback to readers already established in your niche.

This could work for most niches, but it’s more suitable for niches that focus on personal development.

#15: 10 must-listen podcasts in your niche.

Not everyone is a fan of books. But plenty of people find comfort in learning when listening to podcasts. It's like listening to a teacher or a prominent speaker teach or tell you a story face-to-face (or ear-to-ear).

Plus, there's an experience podcasts bring that books can't provide. And other people retain their learnings more when they hear them rather than read.

Since podcasts are becoming a trend today, there are podcasts for most niches available out there. Compile the best podcasts related to your niche, provide a synopsis for each podcast, and explain how it can help readers understand your niche more.

#16: A day in the life of a [your profession/career]

Give readers a glimpse of what it's like to be someone with the same career/business as yours. What are your daily routines when you enter career/business mode? What challenging situations do you face mostly?

word image 17

And most of all, what does someone in your niche do during leisure time?

#17: FAQs about your niche

What are the questions commonly asked by people about your niche? List them down, and instill your expertise by answering these questions and mix a few personal experiences whenever applicable.

This is a good blog post idea, as it answers all the questions people have with regards to the basics of your niche. They won't have to jump from website to website to get answers to their seemingly-endless questions.

#18: Your story on how you get started with your industry, and how you overcame the mistakes you've made before

People love finding sources of inspiration to gain some confidence that if this person did that, they can do it too. Your story, no matter how ordinary or common that is, can be that nudge your readers need to start pursuing your niche/industry.

How exactly did you start in this industry? What was your reason to pursue this niche? What tips would you give to others who wish to pursue the same niche?

#19: Lifehack or cheat sheet on how to do niche-related things in a jiffy.

People are always looking for a shortcut to solve their problems, and with their busy lifestyles, they don't have time to scour the internet and gather solutions for themselves.

So to establish rapport among your potential readers, save them the hassle of searching the internet by compiling the best "shortcuts" to doing things related to your niche.

For example, if you're in the parenting niche, you can write a "10 Life Hacks to Make Your Parenting Duties Easier (Even If You're a Busy Mom/Dad!)" guest post.

Or if you're in the blogging niche, you can pitch a "The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Building Your Blog Empire" to other blogging authorities in your niche.

#20: Review of top (useful) products in your niche

It's a good thing that there are plenty of products that could help you and your readers solve their niche-specific problems, but the variety of choices can be overwhelming for some.

Reviews of these products can be helpful or your readers with their decisions, which include a brief description of the product, what it actually solves, and if the hype with the product's actually worth it.

word image 20

For example, if you're a beauty blogger, you can do a review on the best makeups for contouring. What differs them from the normal makeups in the market, how are they fit for contouring, why do these product stand out from other contouring makeups, and are the prices worth it?

#21: A checklist of what needs to be accomplished related to your niche

This one's easy to write, especially if you have a checklist you're using to do certain things in your niche.

You could round up the things that you need to accomplish something, then include questions or explanations for each list.

If the site you're submitting to will allow it, you could also include a PDF version of the checklist.

#22: A glossary of the common terms in your industry

Nothing says a glimpse into your industry like giving readers a dictionary-type list of terms people in your industry love to use. It makes them feel like they’re being part of your exclusive community!

To make this post more creative, you can do an A-Z post, where you list related terms in your industry and arrange them alphabetically. You can also include some blog posts you've written for additional SEO points!

#23: Collection of key learnings from the latest and important event in your industry (like a convention or summit)

For those people who were not able to attend a huge event in your industry, you could provide them a "free taste" of the key learnings you acquired there. Tip of the iceberg, as some may want to call it.

List down the key points about the topics discussed at the event. If there were developments or ideas discussed there, provide a summary of these too.

Just be careful not to give away everything!

#24: 10 ways social media can help people in your industry to achieve their goals

Ever since they were introduced to the public, social media networks have become a part of every people's lives, whether for personal, professional or business purposes.

word image 24

And since people are most familiar with how these networks work, why not write how someone in your industry can benefit from them?

For example, how can you grow your audience with social media? What platforms would someone from the finance industry use to obtain more clients?

#25: The pros and cons of something in your niche

Talk about something that's commonly known among your niche, and talk about the pros and cons of using this for whatever purposes.

For example, Facebook marketing for small businesses. You can talk about how businesses can benefit from the large population of Facebook users, its geographic and audience targeting features, and more.

Then, you'll also discuss the cons of this strategy. Since Facebook is a common platform used by businesses nowadays, it may be hard to stand among the competition, especially if you're a newly established business.

Or that it's harder to gain information about your audience with Facebook's ever-improving privacy policy.

In short, you'll give readers both sides of the story of this particular thing in your niche, so that readers can build realistic expectations for it.

#26: Tips on overcoming niche/industry-related challenges

All niches have their own sets of challenges and tough situations.

In blogging, there's the challenge of increasing web traffic and followers.

In real estate, there's the challenge of marketing your properties and beating the saturated competition among real estate agents.

In fitness, there's the challenge of choosing a perfect diet for different body types and lifestyle.

As an expert on this niche, how do you overcome these challenges? Share them to other people in your niche. These tips and advice would surely gain you more authority in your niche!

#27: Seasonal posts, like holiday gift ideas, or how to commemorate the 4th of July.

Take advantage of the upcoming holidays and important events by creating seasonal posts.

word image 26

For example, if you’re in the DIY or arts and crafts niche, you can create a list of DIY gifts to give your loved ones for Christmas.

Or if you're an insurance company, you can create a guide on how to celebrate Christmas and/or give gifts to your loved ones without spending too much.

This blog post is ideal for those that are getting into the season spirit during the last minute (like Christmas shopping)!

#28: A picture post

This blog post idea doesn't work for every niche, but if you find it fit for your niche, go for this one!

Since people love visuals more than text, you can take this to your advantage by creating a compilation of post of photos (and a few texts to describe these images).

For example, if you're in the fitness niche, you can create compilations of motivational quotes and pictures about getting fit.

Just make sure to give credit if you're not using your own photos and quotes!

#29: An in-depth discussion of the latest innovations in your industry

Almost all industries are onboard the innovation train, thanks to the continuous development of technology. Chances are high that you'll find news of the latest developments in your niche every time.

And that means a good catch for your next blog post, whether for a guest post or your personal blog.

Ideally, your blog post will discuss what advances this new innovation would bring, its advantages and disadvantages, and its impact on your industry's stand in the future.

You could also mix in your opinion of this latest trend. Do you think it would really improve how things work in your industry, or would it be a nuisance at the end of the day?

#30: Myths vs. Fact post related to your industry

Abolish all the myth and misconceptions people have with your niche/industry. Discuss in your next guest blog post these common myths, and the truth behind these misconceptions.

#31: 10 niche-specific ways to increase productivity

We're all guilty of delaying things just because we're not in the mood, or we're easily distracted. As someone who breathes your industry for a long time, you may want to share how you keep yourself productive everyday.

Tell them tips on how to keep your motivation skyrocketing. Share advice on how to stay away from niche-specific distractions and other excuses.

word image 30

For example, as a blogger, how do you keep your creative juices flowing? How do you keep on writing or coming up with ideas when writer's block suddenly hits you?

#32: A look into a famous/mainstream strategy in your industry, and your take on its function/effect, i.e. is it worth the hype?

During your research days when you're just starting out in your industry, you've probably encountered those mainstream strategies that everyone seems to love.

But we all know industries evolve, and new ideas emerge. What worked before may not be that effective today.

It may be good to do an in-depth "revisit" discussion of this strategy. Talk about the skeleton of this method. Why was it a hit during its founding days? Was it really worth the hype, or was it overrated? Lastly, is it still in line with how things are working in your industry these days, or is it completely outdated?

This blog idea works well with niches that rely well on innovation and strategies, like marketing, finance, engineering, web development, and more.

#33: 10 alternatives to mainstream/unhealthy/pricey foods, software, or anything you and your audience use

There's a reason why products go mainstream, but sometimes, people don't want to join the hype train. Probably due to the high demand of the product, it's too pricey, too overrated for them, or they’re skeptic that it will work for them.

So for these people that are on the lookout for satisfying alternatives, create a list post for them about the best alternative products in your niche that they can check out.

For example, if you're on the wellness niche, you could suggest healthy alternatives to meat, or vegan alternatives for dairy products. List down the products as you would suggest to a friend who's on a diet and wants to go full vegan. Discuss why it's the perfect alternative, and how it's similar and different to the famous products out there in the market.

#34: 10 fun facts about your industry/niche

Welcome your readers more into the world of your niche by giving them some fun facts about your industry.

How did people agree to call your niche by its name? Were there any prominent people involved in your niche? Any fun stories to how something in your niche was discovered?

This could be an all-for-fun blog post too, as other writers who create this kind of post tend to include "useless" facts here too.

#35: Top 10 secrets of those who have found success in your niche

Ah, secrets. Something about them just sets people's interest in fire. We're all interested to know the secrets to success of wealthy people - what exactly did they do that led them to their goals?

Of course, nothing beats the journey of discovering success on your own, but it wouldn't hurt to know the things that worked for the guaranteed successful individuals in your niche.

word image 32

You could interview successful people in your niche about their secret to success, or scour the internet for advice and stories from other prominent people. Tell readers the challenges they faced, and how these successful individuals found the solution to these challenges.

#36: An in-depth discussion about a particular topic in your industry

Choose one particular topic in your niche. For example, SEO for blog posts, mutual funds, DIY for first-time home owners, and more. Then discuss the specifics of this particular topic.

Here’s how it goes:

If you’re writing about SEO for blog posts, you’ll talk about:

  • How to find the right keywords
  • How to incorporate these keywords to your post without sounding like a robot
  • Other strategies to increase your blog posts ranking in the search results

It’s the perfect blog post to show more of your expertise in your industry/niche since the topic you’ll be discussing is targeted to the more advanced readers in your niche.

#37: A user guide for a tool/software targeted for a specific audience

There are plenty of tools/software perfect for people in different niche. If you're knowledgeable about these applications, and you believe it to be useful for other readers in your niche, you can create a user guide for this software, specifically made for people in your niche.

For example, MailChimp for hotel/resort Owners. You can discuss how to create email sequences in MailChimp for promoting your hotel/resort, how to automate thank-you emails for your guests, how to create a landing page for their websites using MailChimp, and more.

#38: A Science Says or Science Proves post

End the debate that gets the people in your niche baffled with a Science Says or Science Proves post!

Include a recent study about a debatable topic in your niche, and discuss how researchers have finally come up with the concrete answer.

word image 36

Here's some examples:

  • Science Says Cats Know Their Names
  • Science Says You're a Psychopath If You Love Your Coffee Black
  • Science Proves Children Get Their Intelligence From Their Mothers

This type of blog post is perfect for lifestyle and wellness niches.

#39: How automation works/helps people in your niche

Automation is becoming a trend among most industries/niches nowadays.

Need to send a bunch of emails at different times? Schedule them according to your preferred days/times.

Want to send birthday emails to your clients or followers? You can automate them so you won't have to visit your calendar every time and compose a birthday message for each.

In this bg post, you'll discuss how things can be automated in your niche. Explain the benefits of automating this and that, and how your readers can make these automation methods work for them (or your reader's business, if applicable).

#40: A prediction post about how your niche will change over the next years

If you're the type that keeps an eye out for emerging trends in your niche, this blog post idea is suitable for you.

How do you see your niche in 5 years (or more)?

What do you think are the strategies in your niche/industry that would emerge and will continue to exist in the future?

Will there be a huge boost in the population of the members and practitioners in your niche/industry?

Compile all your takes in the future of your niche/industry, and don't forget to bring facts to back up your claims!

#41: Inspirational works list for readers to find their next marketing/product/story/ project

Who doesn't love sources of inspiration? There might be times when you're running out of creative ideas, so you run to the internet to find inspirations and samples of works that other people love.

And since you're a good Samaritan who wants to help people in your niche make the most out of their time and effort, you can collect these works of inspiration into an ultimate list.

For example, you can collect samples of sales copy that have brought tremendous results to businesses so other copywriters can use it for reference.

Or if you're an ebook designer, you can collect various designs of ebooks with different themes - modern, colorful, simple, and more - for future reference or design inspiration.

#42: 10 must-have apps used by industry leaders that your readers can use too

This generation is witness to the era of smartphones, where almost everything can be done with the help of your mobiles. This era has surely brought convenience to a different level for almost all niche/industry out there.

word image 41

Create a list of these apps that you believe will help your readers do their niche-specific things easily - productivity, communication, lifestyle, editing, and social apps. Then, explain their features, benefits, and in what situations would these apps be suitable for someone in your niche.

#43: An instructographic explaining a process on how to do/build something

This idea is a combination of instructional posts and infographics. You can explain a brief-but-meaty process on how to do a certain thing/action/routine in your niche.

The detailed instructions go in the infographics, but details here mean more on the visual and not the text element.

Include pictures of the outcomes for each or most steps, or icons and other design elements for added aesthetic purposes (that still contribute to educating your readers, of course).

This type of post works since people nowadays love to digest information from visual presentations more than compilations of texts.

#44: How to market yourself as a/n [insert career title here]

Marketing yourself doesn't revolve around making sales only.

Take guest posting for example. Not all people who wrote guest posts in famous websites you see were invited to write for these sites.

Instead, they invited themselves in by pitching a great idea to these websites.

But how exactly do you market yourself to the right people, company or websites to further build your authority in your niche?

That's what you're going to answer exactly in your blog post. Talk about different ways people can market themselves, even when they have zero background in marketing.

And if there are marketing strategies that work specifically for your niche, make sure to emphasize those!

#45: A personal experience that changed your perspective and brought you on your way to your goals

This one's not only for inspiration, but also as proof that change is not as scary and overwhelming as we all might perceive it to be.

word image 45

This type of blog post works well with a niche that takes a personal development as its core, like lifestyle and travel.

Here's an example. As a solo travel vlogger, what situation in your life has led you to trek the solo traveling path? What realizations did solo traveling bring to your soul that pushed you to travel the world by yourself instead of with any companions?

The blog post will then serve as an inspiration to other people who wanted to be solo nomads but are afraid to go travel around the world on their own. They'll be free of their skepticism once they see the positive effect it had when you decided to travel the road less traveled!

Phew! That was quite a list!

But there you go, 45 topic ideas to pitch for your next guest post! Feel free to go back here whenever you're running out of titles to pitch.

As a bonus, here are some tips to remember to make the most out of guest blogging:

  1. Make sure to read and follow the guidelines of other websites before submitting your guest blog post
  2. Include as many links from the website you're submitting to to your guest blog post.
  3. Make your name familiar with the author/owner of the website/blog by commenting on some of their blog posts. Then, after a few weeks or so, send them your pitch/es. This way, they'll be more name familiarity when they see your pitch!
  4. Familiarize yourself with the blog you'll be guest posting on. Analyze the writing style, tone, the topics they're writing about, and their audience.
  5. Ask yourself, would I kill to have my blog post seen on this website? Your image is also in line here, so make sure you're submitting to websites that suits your niche and preference!

Alright, get out there and submit your first guest blog post pitch!

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