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White-labeled Search Engine Optimisation and Content Marketing services for painless and sustainable growth to your digital agency.

I have worked with Yesh for a number of years and can confidently say he is one of the best in the Philippines SEO game.

hamish elley-brown | growth hacker

Yesh has been a great partner for our guest posting needs, very thorough in the keywords we targeted and in the industries we reached out.

arnold san miguel | outsource accelerator

We want to bring sustainable & painless growth to your digital agency

Growing your agency can be tricky.

Whether you're a web designer that wants to start offering SEO services to your clients, or a digital marketing agency owner that feels ready to take on more customers...

...it can't be helped that growth also comes with growing pains.

Without a solid infrastructure or a robust support system to take on various processes, rapidly expanding digital agencies are prone to making mistakes.

Sure, a subpar SEO campaign can be easily improved in the coming months, and yes, low-quality content is rewritable.

But, what if you accidentally tanked your client's ranking in the SERPs? Or what if low-quality content got published for the entire world to read? 

I'm NOT saying that you're bad at your job. I'm saying that business owners with too much on their plates risk committing a catastrophic failure.

This is where I come in. I help owners of growing digital agencies - you - take work off your plates, so you can focus on tasks that matter the most, like finding clients and growing your businesses!

With a decade's worth of experience as a digital marketer and entrepreneur across a plethora of industries, we are poised to help your business grow quickly and sustainably.

Here's what we bring to the table and what we can take off your plate.

Full Search Engine Optimisation Campaign

From content mapping to link building, we offer full-scale white-label SEO campaigns to both SMEs and established businesses. 

Send us an enquiry and let us know about your clients' unique needs.

Yesh managed my internal outreach process and always delivered what was promised. This is something for the price that you cannot miss. I have paid a lot of money for links over the years and having Yesh help supplement affordable guest posts has been incredible.

Jump on this while you have the chance.

- Dan Henderson

Link Building Campaign

We specialise in building high-quality links ranging from local citations to links from high-authority blogs.

Let us take your clients' websites and skyrocket their rankings to the moon, minus the hassle and headache.

I was very excited to try out YQ Digital's guest posts. The highest DR I received was 65+ and for Traffic 81k!

They have excellent customer service and the delivery time was great with updates when new links are placed. I will be back to order more very soon!

- Andrew Hicks

Content Creation & Strategy

A sound content strategy is a must for any business to thrive in the digital space. We create engaging and insightful content at scale that will resonate with your clients' audiences.

While we can produce up to 250,000 words per month, there's no boring 400-word regurgitated articles here - you'll love our writers soon enough.

With his service, you don't need to worry about a single thing about your outreach campaigns for link building. And the reason?

He knows his sh*t! He is motivated in providing quality products/services to the marketplace (unlike most vendors who don't care about their clients and just try to make maximum profit)

- Rohit Narayana

Who is it for?

Web Design Agencies

SEO can be a reliable source of recurring revenue, unlike web design where you only earn a flat fee more often than not. If you want to offer SEO services as an upsell to your web design and development clients, we're the team to call.

SEO & Marketing Agencies

Our service is a perfect fit for those willing to take on additional clients, but don't have the manpower or the time needed to hire and train additional employees. Just seal the deal and we'll take care of the rest!

Digital Marketers

Are you a marketer that wants to take on SEO clients, but don't have the time, manpower, and patience to deal with hiring, training, and building a competent team? We're here to jumpstart your agency.

Make the most out of your budget

Transparent Pricing

No hidden fees and no additional charges. We'll show you how much your campaign will cost before we start.

Clear & Concise Planning

Before we start, you'll receive a website audit (if needed) and a breakdown of tasks needed to complete your campaign.

No Monthly Retainers

Unlike other white-label SEO providers, we don't lock you in a contract. Pay per-month and leave when you want to!

Get Access To Our Worksheets

We give our clients access to our worksheets so you can see how work is being done in real-time. No more doubting and worrying!

The YQ Digital Way

Scalable, Repeatable System

Repeatable Scalable Systems

Creating efficient AND effective systems within an SEO campaign can take months, if not years to complete. We know, because we've been through it and over the years we've created, developed, and refined various marketing tasks into repeatable and scalable systems like:

  • Link Building Campaigns, including prospecting for link opportunities, emailing, and negotiating SOPs
  • Content Creation Campaigns, including content mapping, keyword research, and draft-writing SOPs.
  • On-Page Optimization Processes for WordPress and E-Commerce websites

If you don't have the time nor the manpower to create these systems yourself, why not take advantage of ours?

Communication is Key

Does this sound familiar to you?

  • You hired (or outsourced) a seemingly competent SEO specialist.
  • Things have been great for the first 1-2 weeks
  • Then, your new hire starts to run late or go AWOL, only to come back with a bunch of excuses.
  • Several absences, late submissions, and subpar outputs later your new hire simply vanishes.

Fortunately, you won't ever experience this with us. With YQ Digital, communication really is key, that is why we jump on a discovery call before we even start an SEO campaign - we want to make sure that we are worth YOUR money and time.

We recommend jumping on a bi-weekly or monthly catch-up call to discuss your campaign's progress. 

And if you want to check up on how we're doing, you have viewing access to our worksheets so you'll see what's happening in real time!

Quality Above All

We know for a fact that the quality of OUR work reflects on YOUR brand. We're not the ones who will suffer the wrath of an irate client when things go south!

That is why hold ourselves to very high standards.

Too high in fact, that we'd rather have three extremely happy clients than ten clients who say we did an "okay-ish" job. 

What our clients say about us.

We've had a really good experience with Yesh's service so far - scored some super high DR links from very relevant websites, exactly what we need to help claim those top rankings.

Yesh is a great communicator and a pleasure to work with. Very highly recommended.



Yeshua is great to work with and has excellent expertise in SEO. He possesses superb analytical and problem-solving abilities.


SEO Specialist

Yeshua is great to work with and has excellent expertise in SEO. He possesses superb analytical and problem-solving abilities.


Freelance SEO Specialist & General Virtual Assistant

Results Speak For Themselves

Here are results from some of our clients. Traffic data is from Ahrefs.

Photobook company grew to 30k+ organic monthly visits.

This photobook company grew from 9,000 to 33,000 organic monthly visits , with very nice traffic peaks during the holiday seasons. We've been working with this company for 5 years now.

SaaS startup got a 25% bump in organic traffic once we took over.

This SaaS startup got a 25% bump in organic traffic once we took over their link building campaign. Before we came in, the company has hit a plateau in traffic.

Real estate website hit the first page after 4 months.

We helped this real estate broker revamp their website on a new domain. After 4 months of our Managed SEO Campaign, the website is on the first page for half of its target keywords and steadily getting more leads per month.

  • Start Date: January 2022
  • Services: Managed SEO Campaign

Local online course grew from zero to 110 students.

This local online course about freelancing grew from zero to having over 110 students in 1 year.

  • Start Date: April 2020
  • Services: Managed SEO Campaign, Social Media Marketing

Car rental website finally out of traffic slump.

This car rental website availed of our link building services for a couple of months before finally committing to a more long-term strategy in October 2021. Once they did, they got out of a traffic slump and the website is gaining more traffic everyday. 

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