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20 Tasks You Can Outsource To A Real Estate VA

20 Tasks You Can Outsource To A Real Estate VA

20 tasks you can outsource to a real estate virtual assistant

A day in the life of a real estate business owner is known to be a fully-packed one.

There's the matter of finding and selling properties, the challenge of running your agency as a successful business, not to mention marketing yourself and your listings in an already-saturated marketplace.

That's why outsourcing has become a concept that's fully embraced in the real estate industry.

Real estate businesses who've grown over the years can attest to their widened freedom to focus on running their business ever since they've outsourced.

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If you want to bring success to your real estate business' brand, hire a real estate virtual assistant!

In terms of what a real estate VA can do, well, that's a wide topic to cover. There are VAs that can help you with administrative tasks, or with marketing, and more.

The list could go on, but to give you an idea of what tasks you can outsource to a real estate VA, check out this 20 tasks:

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Marketing Tasks

1. Lead Generation

The most important and crucial part of a real estate business is finding leads. But advertising on the net can be time-consuming.

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Your real estate VA can take charge of operating lead generation software for you. They can update your listings on websites and platforms like Zillow to advertise your properties on local listings.

They can also take care of following up every lead thru your CRM software.

2. Cold calling

Other real estate professionals still use this traditional method as part of their marketing. Not all prospects are online, after all, especially the older generation.

A real estate VA can do the cold calling for you. Just provide them with the contact details of the leads you want them to call, and train them with a cold calling script.

3. Email marketing

Launching email campaigns are a great way to acquire more sales and even get repeat customers and referrals. That is, when it’s done right.

Because if people don't see value in your emails, you'll end up in a high unsubscribe rate and wasted marketing budget.

Creating email copy, sending the emails in optimal times, analyzing the post-sending metrics - your real estate VA can take the challenge of email marketing on your plate and help bring more prospects interested in the property you’re selling.

4. Running social media campaigns

All well-known social media sites allow marketing in their platforms, but running a campaign in each requires different rules, approaches, and monitoring.

To gain more leverage from your social media campaigns and ensure everything is running smoothly, you can hire a real estate VA to help you run and monitor these campaigns.

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They can keep track of all your active ads, identify which are producing leads, and the inquiries you’re getting from the ads.

They could also create reports on the performance of your ads so you could evaluate which ad strategies worked for you.

5. Blogging

Did you know that B2B companies who blog gain 67% more leads per month than those who don't?

It's no surprise though, given that 61% of US consumers make their purchases based on blogs. That's how powerful blogging (and content marketing as a whole) is!

A solid content marketing strategy involves consistency. That means keeping the blogs section of your website updated as most time as possible.

When you outsource your blogging, not only do you gain more time your business, but you also gain leverage of the content marketing knowledge and writing skills your VA possesses.

6. Copywriting

You could try to craft your own versions of copy for your landing or sales page, emails, videos and more, but that eats up your time.

You'll have to think of creative ways to tell the same thought in different words. Then you need to monitor the results of these copy, and test other versions until you find the working one.

There's an easy way to get your copywriting needs done, and that's by outsourcing it a real estate VA who knows their way around words that sell.

7. PPC ads management

Although there's a number of real estate professionals who are not fans of pay-per-click (PPC) ads, there are still real estate businesses that choose to leverage this ad strategy.

Because when done right, it can give you better exposure and attract more prospects to do business with you.

There are VAs offering their services to manage and monitor your PPC ads for you. These VAs can advise you on the right keywords to use, the ideal budget to allocate per PPC ad, and more.

8. Graphic design

Need some eye-catching yet informative designs for your flyers, leaflets, and other print ads?

Or perhaps you're looking for someone with creativity to help you create visual content for your website, like infographics?

A VA with graphic design skills can help you with that!  

Admin Tasks

9. Data entry

You want to keep your clients' contact information always updated so that you can follow up on them anytime or ask for their feedback and some referrals too.

But this can be time-consuming, and most definitely above your pay grade, so it’s best to leave this muscle-memory task as I call them, to your VA, who can dedicate more time to fill in every contact information for you and even organize them in a spreadsheet.

10. Researching

The first thing that pops to mind is property research. It's ideal to check each property available in the market.

But this can take up much of your time, so it's ideal to outsource this to a competent VA.

Your real estate VA can research...

  • ...additional details on a property
  • ...if the property has upside potential
  • ...the available establishments and other notable infrastructures around the area.

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You might also have invested in properties that are in dire need of repair or a makeover. Your VA can research quality yet affordable contractors for plumbing or any other repair or construction needs.

Or perhaps you just need to do a little background research on a particular prospect. Just to know their property preference, his budget, and other factors that could affect their purchasing decision.

Your VA could also keep you updated with the latest industry trends and news so that you’re always in the know about what’s happening in the real estate industry.

11. Maintaining your website

It's important to keep your website running smoothly. If people come across an issue with your website, chances are, they'll never return to your site again.

There’s plenty of skilled real estate VAs online that know their way around web development, programming, and web maintenance.

It's best to leave the technical side of your website to these professionals so that you ensure your website is a top notch destination that helps you sell your services as a buyer or seller’s advocate.

12. Transcription

Got a recording of an important meeting and you want to extract keynotes from it? Your real estate VA can transcribe the recording for you, all with proper formatting, time stamps, and speaker indications.

13. Email management

Your inbox is probably getting flooded every morning you check your phone, with emails ranging from inquiries from clients to promotional emails from the software you use in your operations.

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A VA can save you the time from checking out all these emails by doing it on your behalf. They can filter the important emails and compile the emails which need your immediate attention.

She can also delete spammy or unwanted promotional emails that are not useful to you and your operations, and even respond to emails answerable with templates.

Business Tasks

14. Creating reports for business monitoring

How well are your ads doing? Are you getting enough (or higher) ROAS? Or are you spending too much of your budget?

How well is your monthly/quarterly/annual income doing compared to your expenses? Are your strategies working well, or do you need to implement some cost-cutting tactics?

There's only one way to find out: compile reports and analyze the metrics included there.

To save time, you can outsource the report compilation part to a VA. Just tell them what specific period you want to make a report along with the data you want included, and they will organize the data for you.

The only thing you'll take care of is the analyzation of these reports.

15. Preparing materials for presentation

You got a listing presentation the next morning, but you still have a lot of responsibilities to attend to.

Sounds like you? No worries. Your VA can handle the preparation of the necessary documents and other stuff for your presentation. If it's within his/her skill, they can even create a PPT presentation for you!

16. Business writing

Ever had those moments where you need to write a letter, but end up staring at a blank document for 30 minutes because you have no idea how to write an introduction?

If you have, it may be ideal to leave the business writing part of your business to a VA. They are well-versed in crafting business letters, proposals, and more that are guaranteed to have a conversational yet professional tone.

17. Bookkeeping

Are you really making business, or are you spending more than you intend to?

Which aspects of your real estate business are you really making an income, and which of your investments are returning little to no ROI?

To find the answers to these questions, enter bookkeeping.

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Some agents may find the numbers in their finances overwhelming, while some just don't have time to do their bookkeeping.

If any of these sounds like your case, just outsource your basic bookkeeping needs to a VA.

18. HR Management

If you’re planning to recruit remote employees for your real estate business, it might be ideal to have a VA with a background on HR on your team.

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They can handle the HR-related matters on your team, like:

  • Finding potential employees for you
  • Handle the selection process
  • Train new members of your team
  • Create HR-related documents for your business like employee contracts, training and policy manuals, etc.
  • Instill disciplinary measures to employees violating company policies and values

Client Management Tasks

19. Appointment setting

A real estate VA can ensure you don't miss any of these appointments, and can even follow up and confirm the dates on your behalf.

But of course, client appointments are not your only worries. A life of a buyer/seller’s advocate doesn't stop at just selling properties after all.

Your VA can also set your personal events and commitment in a punctual and organized manner for you. You can now focus on both your business and personal commitments without sacrificing any of your appointments!

20. Managing customer relationships

People want to work with someone they trust, someone they know will guide them to one of their largest financial decision in life.

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That's why taking care of your prospects and clients, from start to finish, is a crucial part of your real estate game.

This can be a tedious part, though, especially if you have a hundred clients and you're working by yourself or with a few individuals in your team.

This is where a real estate VA can help you out. They can do the CRM part on your behalf. Using your CRM software, your VA can handle the following duties for you:

  • Tracking and following up on leads
  • Running drip email campaigns
  • Uploading and managing contracts

Want to grow your real estate business? Transform your mindset.

It's amazing how real estate professionals can juggle everything on their own, both business and personal responsibilities.

Amazing, but not smart.

If you want to grow your real estate business, you need to let the idea go that you can do everything on your own, and hiring extra hands in your team is something you can't afford.

Because when you try to do everything on your own, you'll end up spending more than you've intended for.

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Your real estate business continues to grow, so your team needs to grow too. Plus, you'll need all the time you have to focus on running your business like a clockwork. You can't afford any distractions.

Be a smart real estate connoisseur. Outsource other tasks you have in your real estate now, and focus on guiding people with their property investments!

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