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Our Guest Post Service, Explained

Our Guest Post Service, Explained

our guest post service explained

I'm already on my 2nd year of running this service and I learned a lot of things, not only on the actual process of building links, but also on how to manage client expectations.

The most common point of confusion I get from inquiries and even from clients is how my service actually works. We have an
FAQ on our homepage, but I think this topic deserves a post of its own. This article will serve as a guide for interested buyers of our service - I'll discuss what our service is and what to expect.

Our Guest Post Service Explained

I'm pretty sure most of you are used to buying guest post links that go live anywhere between 48 hours to 14 days, but our service doesn't work like that:

Think of us like a hyper-specific SEO agency - instead of running entire SEO campaigns, we just run link building campaigns 24/7.

We don't have a database of bloggers that we just pay to get your links up.

Why You Gotta Do It Like This, Yesh?

I have a couple of reasons:

I Want To Help You Build Real Connections

This may sound corny, but hear me out.

I've been in the industry for 7+ years and while that may not be much (I know many people who does SEO since the heyday of the Internet), I feel like many have forgotten that the act of guest posting is all about building connections or relationships with other bloggers in your industry.

I'm not trying to be holier-than-thou here - I love PBNs and all that gray hat stuff too. But when you see emails like this:

feel free to reference me

You have to admit, that feels pretty damn good, right?

Case #1: 7 High Metric Guest Posts For $1,000

I got these guest posts for my client (Real Estate + Hospitality niche) in one month:

Get-High Metric Guest Posts Without The Exorbitant Prices

When I say high metrics I don't mean like DR 30 links. I mean links that go upward of DR 70!


Domain Rating (DR)

Organic Traffic

Referring Domains

Domain 1




Domain 2




Domain 3




Domain 4




Domain 5




Domain 6




Domain 7




All of these for about $1000 - that's $143 per link. And we're not even counting the cost of building relationships with these blogs.

At the time of writing not every one of these guest posts went live yet because some blogs have long editorial calendars and we're still writing 1,500-word guest posts for some (please see our Side Effect #1 below for an explanation). 

We also have that DR 26 link in the mix. While it's a good link on its own with 10,000 monthly organic traffic, it simply pales in comparison to the other domains.

A DR 70+ link could go for AT LEAST $300+ a pop on other vendors, while DR 50+ link could go for at least $200+. Where on earth can you get all of these for just $1,000?!

Here are more examples:

Real Estate





FUN FACT! We do not actively look for websites using Domain Ranking (DR); we simply find websites with good traffic and referring domains, and we still get these high-DR domains anyway.

Case #2: DR 90 For $200

What if I told you we got this link for about $200? Cost of writing the article included.

gaming 1

I'm running a guest posting campaign on a fairly competitive and SEO-savvy niche so paid posts can't be avoided.

If you buy a DR 90 guest guest post somewhere else you could very well be paying around the the high hundreds to the low thousands of dollars, especially since this website is one of the most popular websites in its niche. Crazy right?

Case #3: FREE DR 81 Link

Or how about this DR 81 link we got for FREE?

health niche

I chased this link for 2 months (yes - that's how persistent we are) - but it's definitely worth it.

The system I've built lets us get high metric links like these for much less.

This isn't some old "we're different from the rest" cliche - as far as I know I'm the only seller that has this "hybrid" type of product.

I want to write high-quality guest posts for you

Before I started outreach Worthy, I bought a ton of guest posts too and I found that the content is lacking.

While they do increase rankings, the content provided, which are basically 500-word SEO articles - are not something that I can be proud of. Showing it to clients is almost out of the picture.

That's why when I started this service I told myself that I'll write high-quality and insightful content - something that I can be proud of. 

The result? Some bloggers want me to be regular contributors in their blogs. Some even say that we can use them as sample content for our future guest post pitches. 

"Side Effects"

While our service lets us get high quality links like these for much less, due to the nature of the system we have some side effects:

Links don't go live immediately

Let's say you paid for our service on April 1. That means your campaign will run from about April 3 to May 3  (we have a 2-day buffer to set up your campaign).

We're going to get confirmed guest posts during this time, but again, due to the nature of websites we reach out to, your links may not go live immediately. 


Some blogs have long editorial calendars that span a few months into the future. That means an approved guest post we did in April might go live in May or June. Please note, however, that we're trying to lower the turnaround times as much as we can.

This happened to the DR 81 blog (see screenshot above) we got for one client. My client was patient and kind enough to let me chase this blog for 2 months and it finally went live. All the while I'm getting him these DR50+ guest posts.

I also got this same client a DR 73, 114,000 monthly organic traffic link. This time he had to wait 30 days before the article was published.

Was this worth it for this client? For this particular client it was, and he's one of my longest running clients to date. He's one of my favorite clients too.

Now is the wait time worth it for you? The decision is yours to make.

Turnaround update!

We've lowered our turnaround time to 4-5 weeks now. You can now get these high-quality links faster!

Our Campaigns *Could Be* Slow Starters

Each campaign we run is customized based on the following factors:

Your campaign has a better chance of securing guest posts if the following things have good quality.

  • Niche and niche difficulty
  • Level of content quality required
  • Site design
  • Current content on client's website
  • Current persona

These factors often dictate how quickly we can acquire guest posts.

For example, it might be faster to get guest posts for an established website with an accomplished CEO, than say, an e-commerce website that's 5 months old with little content.

That being said, our system I run could be a slow starter. I say "could" because it doesn't always happen. For the slow starting campaigns, it usually takes us one full month before we get the campaign running in full steam. 

The good thing is once we've optimized the campaign, the succeeding months often exceed expectations. 

Who Is This Service Is Suitable For?

If you've read this far, you'll know that not every one will like the system I've built. 

Suitable For Clients Who Are:

  • Understand the we are building links manually and need to wait for them to be published.
  • Looking for high-metric guest posts that are of good value (not cheap) and written to a high-standard.
  • Willing to invest in a system that will deliver high-quality links month-on-month

NOT Suitable For Clients Who Are:

  • Looking for quick links and have no patience for a system that might take a bit of time to deliver.
  • Satisfied with 500-word guet post articles, as long as the links go live.


I wrote this article to inform potential clients about the nature of my service. By reading this, I hope I managed your expectations well and informed you enough to make a smart buying decision.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to shoot me an email at yesh[at]outreachauthority[dot]com. Or if you want to start your guest post campaign with us, just click the button below, fill out the website evaluation form, and we'll get back to you within 12 hours.

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